LinkedIn generates $228M in sales for Microsoft

For those who have been tuning in to the Microsoft-LinkedIn integration, Microsoft has just released details of LinkedIn’s contribution to the company since it acquired the professional network. According to its quarterly results, LinkedIn brought in $228 million in sales for the 2nd quarter of its fiscal year. However, the professional network also caused $201 million worth of operating loss.

The gist of it: in total, the multinational technology company raked in $26.1 billion, bypassing its consensus estimate of $25.3 billion. The revenue reflects a 1.2% increase from the income incurred in the same quarter of the previous year.

While LinkedIn’s contribution appears to be rather insignificant, it could also mean that investors are still waiting for the acquisition to complete. So far, the professional network has been rolling out product updates and new features in the past two months including LinkedIn Lite, Lookup, and Contractor Targeting, among others.

More details and stats can be found on Market Realist.





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