Tencent announces paid content campaign on WeChat

A great article from Technode highlights the future of content marketing in China.

Tencent Holdings Ltd. announced that its social networking and messaging app, WeChat, will start rolling out paid content from official accounts. Several key accounts were notified and asked to participate in the trial, which is still not open for a majority of the users. At present, ads and content are the only ways official accounts can monetize their presence on WeChat.

WeChat will have to attract customers who are willing to pay for promoting content. Culturally, content providers are used to generating free content on the platform. Therefore, the challenge will be how quickly the industry as a whole will adopt boosting, and at what price? The upside is that marketers will have greater access to the massive pool of active users on the Tencent platform; the down side is it will likely affect small to medium size businesses that may get priced out of the game.

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