Twitter opens Instagram account, pushes for more user engagement… And, Obama’s tweeting again

Twitter Wants Users to See More of Their Most Mentioned Followers Twitter is testing an, as of yet, unnamed feature, which highlight tweets from a specific account that they think is your most frequent Twitter buddy. The latter will be featured more on your timeline, much like the “In Case You Missed It…” feature, which highlights tweets that you have not read yet. There is no word yet on its worldwide release, but several random users on Android, iOS, and web browsers are already experiencing the test phase. The method Twitter uses is based on the rate of engagement with the other user’s account. Otherwise, they will look at repeated engagements as well. Users have the option of dismissing the feature, in case the user in question, is in fact not who they want to see the most on their feed. Like many other social platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is testing out features that distance themselves from the chronological-based feeds. Still, it is not randomly throwing tweets around, rather they are pushing tweets that they think the user might want to see when they open the application. Reactions of the chosen users range from agreeable to downright hilarious. For now, we’ll have to look out for more organic feedback from its users.   Twitter Finally Opens An Instagram Account and It Is Very Passive Aggressive After five years, Twitter has finally raised the white flag and crossed its platform with Instagram. There is no denying that Instagram tops Twitter in the social media platform arena, but even they have their own active Twitter account. Now that Twitter is on Instagram, they took advantage of the visual marketing opportunity by emphasizing some of their posts with the “hashtag,” which everyone knows originated from the microblogging platform. One of their main call-to-action strategies is to urge Instagram followers to “join the conversation,” with posts ranging from the political to the artistic. Funnily enough, Instagram users see the irony of Twitter joining Instagram – one of its biggest competitors, even though the two platforms have never crossed paths in terms or usability. Twitter is indeed designed for light conversations that turn into long-winded discussions, while Instagram prefers to talk visually.   President Obama is Back on Twitter. Hallelujah! Now that someone else is personally in charge of the @POTUS account, former President Obama and his phone-holder have gone on to greener pastures, with Obama going on a long-awaited vacation with his family. However, before he left, he took back his old handle @BarackObama to greet the users once more and to assure his followers that he and Michelle will get back to work after their break. The exciting apart about the couple’s return to Twitter is what to expect when they reply to President Trump’s tweets. While he was on @POTUS, his old handle was being used by Organizing for Action – a nonprofit committed to training and inspiring the next generation of leaders. Now that Obama has reclaimed the account, he used it to promote The website is home to the Obama Foundation. Their goals include building the Obama Presidential Center in south Chicago and continuing the cause of unfinished project renewals and paving the road for global progress.