#NoWallNoBan post about Logan Airport accepting refugees trends with almost 75,000 notes

Following Trump’s executive order on immigration, several Tumblr users have gone to the website to express their anger, by coming up with the hashtag #NoWallNoBan. A certain post made by Tumblr user lucyaudley served as a notice of information about possible entry points, citing Logan Airport specifically, for people to enter into the country. Her post has reached almost 75,000 notes, which include reblogs, comments and likes. The post informs people that as of January 29, Sunday, Boston is the only US city that pledges to admitting all legal green card and visa holders, and refugees at an international airport. There is no detention or deportation, and she asks people to reroute through Logan Airport. She urges Tumblr users to share her post for people to become aware. Several people have commented how proud they areĀ  of their hometown city, while others have posted information about public transport , stations, and hostels, while some even extended help by offering their home for refugees with no place to stay. This is an indication of how Tumblr has become a platform for users to come together about real world issues and help other people in need.



Logan Airport